We are glad to present CODIJY Pro v. 3.5.7 – the update of our photo colorizing software. The new version brings improved performance and fixes all known issues. The update is free for registered and trial users.

This update has gone live on February 29th and even though it does not add any major new capabilities, we hope it will leave its mark!

Please check the list of fixes and improvements, if you face and reported the issues with the latest versions od CODIJY Pro!

Enhanced Repainting

Version 3.5.7 makes it possible to apply repainting to the lines that are 1 pixel wide.

Simultaneous Colorizing Improved

You can run two copies of CODIJY Pro simultaneously: they will no longer rewrite the Undo cache, saved to your hard drive!

Fixes Save Button

Now the Saves Document/Export Image button works correctly on Mac OS X

Brings Back Masks Export

CODIJY Pro will not freez while saving masks on Mac OS X!

Stable Performance

Overall the product offers more stable behavior!