The best colorizion results are normally achieved through the series of experiments with colors and strokes. Ever time you make a change, the results depend upon the way CODIJY smart algos will process it.

Previously, CODIJY users had to process their works by manually launching processing over and over again, which is, undoubtfully, tedious and time consuming.  Starting from version 3.5, CODIJY Pro enables you to watch colorizing progress in real time with Instant Preview mode.

Instant Preview is the mode available in the Partial Processing dialog. Let’s  simple instruction on how to use it:

Step 1. Click Partial Processing on the toolbar Parctial Processing Button or from the top menu

 Parcial Image Processing Menu

Step 2. In the Partical Processing dialog, check Instant Preview box and select the area you are going to work upon. Then, click Instant Preview button.

Instant Preview box

Note. To make processing fast, the area you select should not be too large. The larger your photo is, the less area should be selected. In this case, generated preview will get generated in real-time. The larger area is selected the slower may be processing.

Step 3. Your image will open in Split View. Now, the Instant Preview area gets highlighted when you hover the pointer over it in the Editor. Now draw a strok inside this area and watch how its gets applied to the Result.

highlited area

Step 4. Once you perform any steps within selected boudaries, you will see a tiny progress bar over the Partial Processing icon. In most cases, it will progress and disappear almost instantly. But in some cases you can check with it, when you don’t see the changes applied to result, to see if CODIJY Pro is in process of the generating preview.

Progress bar

Step 5. After your complete working on the area, launch full image processing. Then pick another area and work on it.

We hope you find this feature useful. If you have any ideas or comments please share them in the comments section!