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Kimono: Colorization of a Vintage Japanese Photo Explained

Making portrait colorization is always rewarding. The first color strokes brings the people from the past back to life. The same happened with the portrait of a young lady in traditional Japanese suit – kimono.

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Iconic Photo Colorization: Camel Driver from Sinai by Sebah

With this post, we start new series – Colorization Notes – the stories of the most exciting photographs that we happened to colorize in CODIJY.  In this series we will walk you through colorization process, talk about intellectual and creative challenges we faced and discoveries we made down the road.

Today we are going to take you on a thrilling journey we made while colorizing the  portrait of a Camel Driver from Sinai or Chamelier du Sinai (download MGD source file). We have stumbled upon this impressive piece of black and white photography published among 100 Awe-Inspiring Black and White Images.

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Meet CODIJY Pro 3.5.7: Leap Year Update

We are glad to present CODIJY Pro v. 3.5.7 – the update of our photo colorizing software. The new version brings improved performance and fixes all known issues. The update is free for registered and trial users.

This update has gone live on February 29th and even though it does not add any major new capabilities, we hope it will leave its mark!

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Save Button: New Behavior

We would like to pay your attention to the modifications we mde for the Save button on toolbar.  Starting from version 3.0, we left Save Document and hide Export to Image feature under the menu.

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Instant Preview in CODIJY Speeds Up Photo Colorization

The best colorizion results are normally achieved through the series of experiments with colors and strokes. Ever time you make a change, the results depend upon the way CODIJY smart algos will process it.

Previously, CODIJY users had to process their works by manually launching processing over and over again, which is, undoubtfully, tedious and time consuming.  Starting from version 3.5, CODIJY Pro enables you to watch colorizing progress in real time with Instant Preview mode.

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